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Thaddeus Strickland
A 21 year old entrepreneur, content creator, software owner, and mentor. He bought his first supercar at 19. He founded EcomChallenges, a community of E-Commerce Business Owners, at the beginning of 2018, and works with thousands of students.
Inside The Lesson Library
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Module 1
Introduction To The Challenge
  • ​Intro To EcomChallenges: DropShipping Program
  • Join and Introduce Yourself In Our FB Groups
  • Invitation To The Exclusive Live Chat Group
  • Earnings From First Stores
  • If You Ever Have Questions...
Module 2
How I Set Up My Very First Successful DropShipping Store (over $2000/day)
  • Website Creation Methods
  • Create Site, Installing Widgets, Picking Theme, Small Things (part 1)
  • Creating Site, Installing Widgets, Picking Theme, Small Things (pt 2)
Module 3
Introducing A Few Important & Vital Programs We'll Be Using
  • The Secret To Launching Limitless FaceBook Ads For Insane Testing
  • How We Can Make Money RIGHT AFTER Someone Purchases
  • Capturing Leads & Automating 33% Of Our Revenue
Module 4
Find And Validate Products
  • Ensuring Your Product Will Sell
  • Find & Import Popular Products (variation 1)
  • Using FREE AliExpress Data To Determine What We Could Sell
  • Using Google Trends BETTER Than 99% of Others To Verify Room In The Market
Module 5
Marketing & Generating Exposure For Your Site Through IG
  • Finding & Advertising With Instagram Influencer Themed Pages
  • Promotional Strategies & Techniques over IG
Module 6
Product Touch Ups & Strategies
  • Editing + Product Touch Ups (if you're using aliexpress stock images)
  • The Perfect Product Life Cycle
Module 7
Preparing A Launch
  • How To Fulfill Orders
  • The Instagram Funnel
  • Pricing Products + Making Your Company Seem Bigger Than It Is
  • Knowing How + When To Scale
Module 8
Important Things To Note
  • What To Do If Your Site / Products Don't Convert
  • Influencers THEN vs. Influencers NOW
  • Instagram BRAND NEW Changes To Find GOOD Influencers
Module 9
Final Touches
  • Things To Tidy Up Your Site
Module 10
Other Important Stuff
  • The Entire Plan, Simplified
  • Why I Only Work With Large Influencers (pre-2018 Instagram Changes)
  • Free + Shipping Offer: How To Set That Up
  • Why Is Q4 So Important?
Module 11
FaceBook Tactics ft. Secret Guest
  • Introducing My Buddy 
  • Lookalike Purchase Conversion Tactic
  • Second Step Of The FB Funnel
  • Third Step Of The FaceBook Funnel
  • Fourth Step Of The Funnel
Module 12
Taking Amazing Product Photos For Less Than $10
  • Taking Product Photos SUPER Cheap ($3-10)
  • Editing White Background Product Photos FAST
Module 13
Editing Photos, Creating Logo's, & Other Design Aspects
  • Free Presets I've Made Just For You
  • Editing Photos To Get QUALITY Content
  • Editing With Advanced Presets
  • Smaller Design Cues That Are Important
  • How I Made My First Logo
  • Dimensions, Dimensions, Dimensions
Module 14
Payment Issues / Integrations
  • Avoid The Shopify Hold (Different Workarounds)
  • Setting Up Payment Integration
Module 15
Different Types Of FaceBook Ads
  • FaceBook Pixel 101 for Dummies
  • Carousel / Multi-Product Ads
  • Dynamic Product Ads
  • General Retargeting
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Custom Audiences 101
Module 16
A Few FaceBook Ad Tactics / Strategies To CONVERT + MAKE MONEY
  • The 3-Ad Objective, Simplified
  • Super Duper Awesome Specific Retargeting
Module 17
Welcome To The 'Bull Rush' Technique
  • What Is The Bull Rush technique?
  • The Preparation Needed Before Attempting The Bull Rush
  • Potential The Bull Rush Yields
  • Data, Data, Data
Module 18
The Magnificent Debut
  • An Explanation Of The Magnificent Debut
  • How To Best Execute The Magnificent Debut
  • Tactics To Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Tactics To Increase Time-On-Site
Module 19
The Secret App The Top 1% Of Drop Shippers Use
  • Welcome To The World Of Post Orders
  • A Quick Walkthrough of What Is Possible
  • Proof This App Was Responsible For Over $500,000 In Sales
  • Setting Up A Simple Capture
Module 20
Outsourcing Your Scaling
  • Let's Talk About Self Scaling
  • The Software That Makes FB 100x Easier
  • Doing It Yourself vs. Working With Others
Module 21
Instagram & FaceBook Influencers - Making $45,000 In A Single DAY!
  • One of My Personal Best Friends Who Has Made A Lot Of Money On Instagram
  • Intro
  • Breaking Down What An Influencer Is
  • Finding The Perfect Instagram Influencers
  • One More Method...
  • Reviewing The Clarifying Verifying Process
  • Updates To Note
  • Contacting Influencers
  • Getting FREE IG + FB Influencer Shoutouts
  • Finding FB Influencers Free & Paid
  • Overview: FB Influencers Again
  • The Power Of Developing Long Term Relationships
  • How He Made $45,000 In One Single Day
  • A Motivational Message To Frame Your Mind
  • Wrap-Up Module
Module 22
Utilizing Instagram Effectively
  • Should You Use Automation
  • Which Program Should You Use
  • Looking Into Auto-DM's
  • What's A Shadowban & How To Avoid It
  • Hashtags & Hitting The Explore Page
  • Complete Growth Management For More Branded Accounts
  • Instagram Highlights
  • Making Highlight Logo's / Covers
  • Analyzing Brands Using Highlights Well
Module 23
Getting FREE Instagram Sales
  • Get FREE Traffic Thousands Of Influencers
  • Setting Up The BEST Auto-Comment
Module 24
Access My Personal Connections
  • Opening Up Potential Connections
  • Getting Help With Your FB Ads / Scaling
  • Automate Instagram Exposure
Module 25
Your Exclusive Invitation
  • Congratulations
  • Exclusive Invitation
Crazy Valuable Guides / PDF's / Docs
  • My Directory Of 150+ USA Drop Shipping Companies You Can Use
  • 57-Point Master Checklist
  • Top 500 Shopify Sites
  • My Secret 30 Top Instagram Influencers
  • 40 Exclusive Desktop + 40 Exclusive Mobile Presets For Your Store / Personal Brand
You'll Get Access to..

  • My Step By Step Success BluePrint
  •   How to build email lists, and purchase flows
  •  Expert lessons on traffic (FB Ads, IG, etc.)
  •  Set up your store in a super appealing way
  •  Finding your a niche to sell winner products
  •  How to source trending and top selling products
  •  Best promotional strategies
  •  Edit product catalogs, descriptions and pictures
  •  All the Apps and Widgets I use
  •  The perfect product life cycle to capitalize on
  •  Completely automate your site (no more work!)
  •  Hiring virtual assisntants after you scale
  •  Drive traffic from social media to your site
  •  Influencer shoutouts and ads
  •  Create an Instagram funnel that converts
  •  Find trends, capitalize on them
  •  Ensure continuous and steady revenue
  •  Price products to sell, whit high margins
  •  Compete with competitors and beat them
  •  Structure advertising creatives (900% ROI)
  •  Scale from $100/day to $1,000/day in a month
  •  Ensuring Your Product Will Sell
  •  Avoiding The Shopify Hold And What It Is
  •  The 3 Ad-Objective Funnel, Simplified
  •  The One AutoResponder That Is Beating E-Mail

*Updates: I will be continuously adding videos and tools to the program
** Each bonus below is NOT available anywhere else and can only be obtained with this offer **
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Unlike some courses that never get additional content added, new, fresh, and relevant content is added EVERY WEEK to keep you as up to date as possible.
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You get lifetime access to this course, and all videos that are added in the future at no additional cost!
What Is Your Refund Policy?
No refunds, no exceptions. All content is either downloadable, viewable, and intangible which makes issuing refunds not possible. We want to make sure you are 100% confident in your purchase though, so be sure to watch the videos above walking you through the program!
What if I have questions or problems?
All students have access to our private discord group chat and fb group where they can ask any questions. My team and I are active in the group chats daily. If you have urgent or very specific questions you can email me at
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